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Intruducing Kenneth Scott

Kenneth Scott is an entrepreneur, investor, biotech-enthusiast investing in startups and identifying breakthrough technologies that enhance longevity.

He has invested seed funding in several longevity biotech firms. He closely follows and evaluates these companies for their scientific and business leadership as well as e market potential. He continually researches the new start ups to locate new opportunities for investment.

HEALTH AND YOUTH! That’s what we all want.
And, surprisingly we can achieve them.

This site focuses on the belief that it is possible to be healthy, regardless of our age. And, within our lifetime it is becoming possible to get young again. We believe in those possibilities. And so we offer this site to explore and report on and broadcast them.

At VivaSparkle we continually explore new developments and report on possibilities for taking advantage of them both personally and as investments that will benefit everyone as well as provide exciting potential financial returns.

Do check back from time to time to see the progress that is being made and to see the information that we are using to achieve these gains.

kenneth's Longevity Journey

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