Let’s Enjoy A Healthy, Long, Youthful Life!!!

YOUTH and HEALTH! That’s what we all want. And, surprisingly we can achieve them.

And, interestingly, for the most part — in societies where we are spending immense sums of money on caring for lack of health and lack of youth — we can enjoy them with very little cost.

Yes, almost unbelievably that appears to now be possible!

I have achieved incredible gains in my health in only two years!

And I am getting young again!

Also, since I am getting young again, I need not apologize for the fact that this site will gradually evolve as I progress on this path to youth. I hope you will come with me.

This site focuses on the belief that it is possible to be healthy, regardless of our age. And, within our lifetime it is becoming possible to get young again. I am a believer in those possibilities. And so I offer this site to explore and report on and broadcast them.

Do check back from time to time to see the progress that is being made and to see the information that I am using to achieve these gains.

Here is a link to a recent article on longevity which you may find interesting.

Kenneth Scott
Dunedin, Florida

                      . . . on the path to renewed youth and a very long, healthy life.