Our Story

VivaSparkle has evolved since its inception in response to the growing body of scientific knowledge on longevity and the increased availability of information related to nutrition and health. This evolution is reflected in our changing mission since the inception of our website in 2011


2011 - LetsGetYoungAgain.com

A couple of years before we launched the site Dr. Terry Grossman at the Grossman Wellness Center in Denver tested Kenneth and then said “Well, let’s start making you young again” That started us on a path to youth that other people his age noticed and asked about

In response to those questions we created the LetsGetYoungAgain website to help older people to regain energy and health and move in the direction of youth by providing:

• Information on nutrition for healthy living
• Gluten-free, whole food plant based recipes
• Reviews on books addressing health and longevity
• Information on the steps we were personally taking to restore youth

2014 - VivaSparkle.com

Getting personally younger Kenneth found that more and more people born a generation or two after him started asking what he was doing to be so youthful (for themselves and also through concern for their parents and grandparents).

It was time to revise the approach and to change the name to to VivaSparkle to reflect the growing joy we felt in living.

We also wanted to encompass and encourage people who had many fewer trips around the sun that we but who were starting to realize the need to take action for their own longevity. Our aims were expanded to:
• provide step by step information on how to convert to a longevity life style
• enhance our books and recipes sections
• add blogs to record our experiences in the longevity community.

2022 - Rejuvenated VivaSparkle.com

Over the past few years more and more information has become available on nutrition and healthy lifestyles to promote longevity.

At the same time there has been explosive growth in the advance of longevity biotechnology.

Kenneth has been involved in this growth and in the past year has become active as an influencer in the field. It was time to modernize our website and revise our objectives:

VivaSparkle's History

December 28, 2010

Let’s Get Young AGAIN

It all started after a visit to a therapist that told us “Let’s Get you YOUNG AGAIN” with a focus on helping older people.

December 28, 2010

April 25, 2014

VivaSparkle 1.0

Four years later, the brand was renamed to VivaSparkle, to reach people of all ages


April 25, 2014

June 12, 2022

VivaSparkle 2.0

As an active investing Company in the Longevity and Rejuvenation Industry, VivaSparkle Renewed and Rejuvenated its Brand.

June 12, 2022



For many years we have been exploring and learning about the longevity space of biotechnology. We continually come across start up firms that are leading the way to providing the longevity and rejuvenation we all seek.

We have invested in a number of these companies and continue to do so. We are now able to offer you the opportunity to join us in such investments through our Human Longevity and Rejuvenation Syndicate which provides capital at early stages to emerging longevity biotech companies

If you are interested in furthering the advance of longevity through investing with us in our syndicate please use the contact button below


Life expectancy in 1900 was about 48-50 years in the US. In 100 years, it has increased 150%. to about 79 – 80 years. We believe in extending life to 150, 200 or even more years


In the past few years our focus has moved beyond health and nutrition to the quest for a much longer lifespan, one that is characterized by the youthful vitality that is promised through rejuvenation.


We actively research the new technologies and emerging companies in the biotech space.


We often have access to the latest longevity therapies and provide our test results to the makers.


Monitor your progress in longevity through baseline and follow-up biological measurements


Through our syndicate you can invest in longevity focused biotech companies that we believe have a high probability of success.

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