Visited Roatan, Honduras with Christine so that she could receive follistatin-344 gene therapy.


During their visit to Roatan, Honduras, Kenneth Scott and his wife Christine Scott had a specific purpose in mind: to explore the pioneering work of Minicircle, a method development company in the field of genetic enhancement. Minicircle has achieved a remarkable milestone by developing the world’s first reversible human genetic enhancement platform. This platform utilizes highly expressive DNA plasmids to introduce new genes into the human body, all while keeping the existing genome unaltered.

Christine’s visit to Minicircle in Roatan signifies her proactive approach to exploring cutting-edge advancements in genetic therapies. By seeking out Minicircle’s expertise, she had the opportunity to learn about their revolutionary reversible plasmid platform. This platform offers a non-inflammatory and non-heritable approach to gene therapy, ensuring safety and minimizing long-term implications.

The visit to Minicircle underscores the Scotts’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical science and embracing innovative solutions for improved health and well-being. Through their exploration of Minicircle’s genetic enhancement platform, they contribute to the ongoing progress in the field of gene therapy, reimagining the future of human potential and paving the way for advancements in genetic interventions.

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