“The KEY to longevity is rejuvenation”

We fully believe that any time you can reduce the impact of Aging in one area that frees up the body to repair damage in other areas.

If you think about a child a child gets injured the repair happens so quick.  As you age you have some damage to cut whatever it is takes a lot longer to heal.


Part of that reason is that the body does not have the ability to function and give that repairs quickly because it’s dealing with so many other problems .

So repairing the damage that accumulates over time is really important and to do that there are an increasing number of supplements and therapies that are becoming available to us.

In previous videos we’ve talked about longevity the idea of living for a long time but what do we mean, what kind of body are we going to live in as we increase our lifespan.

We’ve all seen that image that mindset that we have where we grow from being an infant to a vital person in their 20s or 30s to a gradually declining person not what we want to aim for.

We need a new model if we are really going to achieve true longevity. so what we need to do is actually stop that decline in the first instance and there are things that we can do to at least slow it down and arrest it we can do things like change our diet exercise lifestyle but still our body is going to degrade though perhaps at a reduced state.


The incredible thing here in Longevity and Rejuvenation is to understand that Rejuvenation is the key we need personally to work at a resting our own aging, to work on using the interventions that are available and also to invest in the game changing developmentes in the longevity biotech field so that we can take advantage of future developments and also perhaps to invest in them for our financial benefit as well as helping everybody else.

First Steps to Longevity

What can we do to live long enough so that we are able to be there when the opportunity and technology arrives.



As we progress on our path to longevity we involve ourselves in a lot of different adjustments to what we’re doing:

Different Measurements

All of these are what we classify as interventions and of course as we intervene with the way our bodies are moving forward it’s a good idea to know what’s happening to try and measure the effect of those interventions and so typically there are a number of measurements that we can take of our body to see what condition it is it.

If you go to your doctor on an annual checkup for example typically there will be some blood analyses done to see whether you’ve got high cholesterol to make sure that your blood iron is correct and so on. 

We recommend that you think of joining Vitality In Aging which is a longevity community organization which is monitoring or providing tests for monitoring of people who have longevity aspirations and as you get your results those results become part of a growing database of people who are pursuing longevity so that the whole community can benefit from the work that you are doing to monitor your own condition.

You probably want to track what you’re doing on a daily basis by using for example a fitbit or a smart watch to see how your body reacts to different kinds of situations

You probably may want to also keep track of your exercise if you have a trainer work with your trainer to see where you are and to see how the training is impacting on your body condition.

Photographs can be useful photographs of your face so you can see the condition of your skin, photographs of the back of your hands

There are a range of other tests that you can take from a number of different companies.

Kenneth Scott takes the Aging SOS test from Jinfiniti, which tests amongst other things a couple of things that are not available in most tests. It tests for senescent cells and it also tests for NAD which is an important factor in the mitochondrial functioning of your body.

The Omega-3 6 panel is also important to check the balance of your omega oils and that’s available as part of the vitality and aging program 

There are a whole range of other tests that are available you can test your telomere lane length if you are concerned about it and if you want to monitor its progress.

You may also take the telomere length results.

There are biological age tests which you can take to see what your biological age is.  A biological age is an estimate of your age as a performing body compared to your age chronologically which is the measure of your trips around the sun

The important thing for you to do is to gain an understanding of where your body is monitor the effects of an action and intervention by seeing what happens to results before and after.

Rejuvenation History

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Aging is Caused by a continual breakdown of the body by:

One of the really exciting developments that occurred about 17 years ago was the publication of the book ending aging by “Aubrey de Grey Ph.D and Michael Rae”. 

What they did in that book is they publicized the view that aging is caused by a continual breakdown of the body and they classified that series of breakdowns in about seven or eight different groups and each of those groups they designated as being something that could be tackled in an engineering manner much like if we have a breakdown in a car we do some maintenance on the brakes or we do some maintenance on the motor or others.

Similarly on the body as it broke down in certain areas we could do maintenance on that part of the body and so the result of that publication of that book by “Degray and Rae” was a immediate upswelling of the number of companies and people who were focused on trying to address these areas of aging damage so as to rejuvenate bodies.

Now in addition to the opportunities for investment that are created by this multifaceted approach to aging damage there’s also the whole area of the Yamanaka development where we’re looking at reversing cell damage systemically.

Recently David Sinclair working at his lab in Boston was able to take mice that had their optic nerves artificially broken so that they were blind to treat them with Yamanaka Factor Therapy and cause those optic nerves to regenerate。

Now it’s well known in medicine that optic nerves don’t regenerate。There are a number of tests and experiments like this going on around the world and each of these different areas offers opportunity for investment。

So the challenge that we have as investors is how do we pick a company to invest in what are the chances that it’s going to make it big.  Any company that’s going to be working in any field has to have the right management it has to have the right science and how do you evaluate this.

Are you interested in Investing in Rejuvenation Companies?

In VivaSparkle we’ve learned a lot and as a result of doing that we have invested in a number of companies in the Biotech Field that we think are doing very well and we expect to see some significant rewards.

We are finding new companies all the time and so recently in VivaSparkle we established our human longevity and rejuvenation syndicate and we’re entertaining other investors who can join with us on some of our new opportunities we offer that opportunity for you to join us.


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