OneSkin’s OS-01 Lotion Removes Aging Spots!

(revised 9 March 2021 — scroll down for latest photos)

I’ve recently had the exciting privilege of being included in a beta trial of the new OneSkin OS-01 skin lotion. Unlike most skin lotions, OS-01 incorporates a proprietary peptide which penetrates the outer layers of skin and works on removing and/or restoring senescent cells [1]. Age spots on my face disappeared or are much reduced in size.

Before discussing the trial and its results it is worth mentioning the general condition of my skin prior to the trials and the normal treatments that I gave it. Firstly, throughout my life, I have not used skin creams or sunscreen on my face or, generally, on my body. I noticed after I switched to a whole foods plant based (WFPB) diet 8 years ago, that the quality of my skin changed significantly, becoming much healthier (rosier complexion, e.g.). Starting in early 2017 I stopped using soaps, shampoos, and hair conditioners, except for the use of plant based soaps when I shave and using plant based gel on my hair. Additionally, after being treated for squamous cell skin cancer on my left ear, I started wearing a broad rimmed hat when outdoors in the sun (I live in Florida). Adopting OS-01 for the beta trial was a decision I made based on some understanding of the potential for a peptide to rejuvenate skin tissue, as demonstrated by the research done by OneSkin[3]

The trial was for eight weeks. Twice daily, in the morning and in the evening, I applied the lotion to my face. For the daytime application I applied a coating of sunscreen on top of the OS-01 lotion. I took photographs before starting the trial and then about once a week during the trial. On two occasions I ran out of the lotion and missed about a week of application in each case so the actual duration of the trial period was about 11 weeks.

The OneSkin OS-01 product is a face cream which contains four major active ingredients:

  • the proprietary peptide[2] OS-01
  • oleic pau mulato extract
  • pracaxi oil
  • andiroba oil

In use, I found the face cream to have a smooth texture and to apply easily with good coverage. It is not oily and non-allergenic without any noticeable odor. I applied Neutrogena Sensitive Skin 60+ sunscreen as a cover for UV protection during the day (as recommended for the trial protocol) At first my consumption of the cream was about three times that originally projected by the study designers. After about 7 weeks of use I found that the amount of cream that I required for an application halved almost overnight, more in line with the original consumption expectations.

My first obsevable effects of the treatment occcured after about 2 weeks when I observed that my skin texture seemed to be improved, being firmer and smoother. After four weeks I noticed that I no longer seemed to cut myself when shaving. By six weeks I could preceive a reduction in wrinkles around my eyes and upper lip. At the seven week mark I noticed that, almost overnight, the amount of lotion required halved, consistent with a much improved smoothness to the skin.

The proof of the effectiveness of OS-01 is apparent in the following two pairs of photos of parts of my face (note: all photos were taken with skin that had been freshly washed and did not have a new application of the OS-01 lotion):

31 July 2020
1 November 2020

In the above comparative photos we can clearly see the disappearnce of the age mark at the corner of the eye and along the first forehead line above the eye. Additionally the forehead lines and the crows feet lines at the edge of the eye are much reduced.

31 July 2020
1 November 2020

The two comparative photos above display a very significant change in the lines around the mouth. The nasolabial lines above the mouth on each side are much reduced with the skin being significantly plumper. The vertical crease at the middle of the upper lip is noticeably reduced with other vertical lines above the mouth almost eradicated The marionette lines extending down at the lower corners of the mouth are much reduced. Similarly the mental crease above the chin is much reduced and the chin is much fuller. Additionally, the skin texture is less blotched and smoother.

Recommendations and Cautions

OneSkin is just launching their product. I strongly recommend OS-01. Senescent cells accumulate in our bodies over time. Probably by the time a person is 40 years of age they will start to see wrinkles and other obvious signs of aging in their facial skin. If you are of that age, now is the time to start using OS-01, before those signs of aging appear or progress — it is harder to rejuvenate than to prevent the deterioration.

But I have a couple of cautions!

  1. This product is very addictive. Once you start using it you will not want to stop.
  2. If you have a partner be sure to have enough on hand to share with your partner — otherwise there could be some discord in the partnership.


The photographs taken and used above were not done professionally. There were problems with lighting and this might affect interpretation of the results.

I am being very aggressive about achieving longevity with respect to both healthspan and lifespan. The beta test results shown above might also have been influenced by some of the other therapies that I have been taking. For completeness I list them below, although I do not believe any of them are responsible for the improvements shown in the above photographs.

  • I eat a whole foods plant based (WFPB) diet and have been for about 8 years.
  • I have been taking alagebrium (a possible cross-links breaker) for about 1 1/2 years.
  • I have been taking Life Extension’s Senolyic Activator for about 1 1/2 years
  • I have been taking fisetin for about a year (targets senescent cells)
  • I took a 1cc amniosome injection shortly before starting the beta test.

The OneSkin OS-01 Product Launch

OneSkin launched the OS=01 product as I was finishing my participation in the trial. The launch was done in a video with Peter Diamandis on October 21, 2020. The video features the CEO and CSO of OneSkin, Carolina Olivara Reis, Ph.D. and Alessandra Zonari, Ph.D. repectively. It is about 20 minutes long and gives a fine overview of the company, its mission and its guiding principals.

The product launch was also commented on in the Fight Aging! newsletter[4], coverage which provides more detail on the background of the company and its technology.

A recent photo

I ran out of OneSkin lotion in mid-January, just before a trip and so ended up without any treatment for a period of about 4 weeks. During that period the previous buildup of the lotion in my skin continued to work on the healing and rejuvenation. In particular, during that period of time my skin peeled in my forehead areas and the previously very prominent age marks have almost completely disappeared. If you zoom in on the image in a separate viewer (click right to copy the image) you will also notice that the wrinkles in my forehead are very much reduced. Compare with the photos from July 31 and November 21 shown above. Thank you OneSkin!

17 February 2021


  1. Senescent cells are cells that no longer divide nor die. Over time, they can occur in all tissues and cause significant damage to the body. Much has been written on senescent cells in the past few decades and a starting point to read further might be this wikipedia article.
  2. Much of the chemistry in the body is effected by proteins. Proteins are assembled from amino acids. Small proteins consisting of perhaps 10 or so linearly chained amino acids are called peptides.
  3. This research is now available in a pre-print version on the BioRxiv site.
  4. I am thankful to Reason publisher of the Fight Aging! Newsletter for introducing me to Carolina Reis, CEO of OneSkin, and to Carolina for kindly including me in the beta test program.


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