Meeting with the CEOs of the companies we are investing.

Recently, Kenneth Scott had the opportunity to meet and engage with key stakeholders and CEOs of several notable companies in which VivaSparkle, has made strategic investments . These meetings provided valuable insights into the progress and potential of each company.

Repair Biotechnologies, for instance, is focused on developing the Cholesterol Degrading Platform (CDP) to address conditions like atherosclerosis.

Leucadia Therapeutics aims to combat early Alzheimer’s disease with their innovative medical device, Arethusta. Auctus Biologics is exploring monoclonal antibody mimetics to expand treatment access.

Longevity Hackers is an upcoming documentary exploring longevity interventions, while LentoBio is working on molecular damage targeting treatments.

Agua Via is revolutionizing water purification with their cutting-edge membrane technology.

These interactions allowed for a deeper understanding of the advancements and demonstrated a commitment to fostering innovation in biotechnology, healthcare, and longevity research.

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