At Viva Sparkle, we are REALLY serious about Longevity.  Only about 4.7% of Americans live to be 80 years old and less than 1% get to 100.

Is it Possible Worth it Hard to have a Longer Life?

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LifeSpan / Health Span

We’ve got a challenge here — we need to do something about this. 

There are two things we need to do. First of all we need to make sure we get those years in. We also need to be concerned about what we call Healthspan–being healthy for those years that we are alive.

Why do we think that it’s possible to have a long life? 

There are other species that have long lives:

  • The bowhead whale needs to be around 500 years old.
  • Some turtles or tortoises live to be hundreds of years old
  • The naked mole rat, that lives out in the desert, lives to be 40 years old whereas most rats die after two or three years.

We share a lot of the same DNA and so there are a lot of people doing research in those areas trying to figure out what is allowing some species to live a long time and progress is being made we have all sorts of therapies supplements treatments ways of living that are being
experimented with to see if life can be extended.

How can we Achieve Longevity?

In some sense the answer is obvious . . . don’t die! But there are some important things you have to take charge of.

You really have to take charge of your body because that’s the vessel that’s going. to give you that lifespan extension that is just around the corner . . . but it could take a while, so you know you’ve got to help it.

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At the moment the life expectancy of the male in the world is about 70 years. Kenneth Scott has been around the sun almost 80 times and he changed what he ate at the age of 68.

He adopted this simple diet, that was easy to follow, from the book “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” by Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.,MD To him it was especially important, because he had heart disease.  The Diet:  NO Fish, NO Meat, NO Dairy, NO added oils.

The book showed pictures of a heart before and after being on the Esselstyn diet. Those before and after pictures really looked familiar to him because they were very similar to the before and after photos taken when he had stents put in his heart at the age of 62.

There are a couple of diets that are very close to that one of which is the Mediterranean diet and it allows a little bit of fish and a couple of other things either of those diets the whole food plant-based diet or perhaps the Mediterranean diet are going to make a huge difference to your health.

Another thing that’s really important is to have a good exercise program he didn’t learn that until he was about 73. Most days he does about half a day an hour of a Pilates based exercise routine and he walks for half an hour or so.

We have all of these Plastic Products all of these additives that go into everything get them away from 

The skin is the biggest organ that you have in your body. Protect it. Don’t put poisonous toxins on it.

Keep your social interactions at a high level.   Try to keep very active by interacting with people in all walks of life in all age groups also important are things like meditation.  Take time to just chill out enjoy life.

Focus on getting a good night’s sleep and to adopt a somewhat simpler life to reduce stress.

The other thint that’s also true about Longevity is you have to want to achieve it.


As we wind up on this little session on things that you can do to achieve longevity let’s just review them:

  1. First of all you need to desire longevity to get there
  2. You’re going to need to make some significant changes in how you treat your body and your lifestyle.
  3. And then finally he thinks from the point of view of encouragement you want to be part of a longevity movement.

The ways of investing in longevity

It’s not only about financial investment. Our mission is to contribute to longevity through personal example, through involvement in the rapidly growing longevity community and through financial investment in the firms that are developing the technology to give us greatly extended lifespans


When you want something in life you actually have to make an investment and it’s no different when it comes to longevity. The first thing you need to do is invest in yourself. You need to make changes to your body through:

  • Lifestyle improvements
  • By what you eat
  • With your exercise programs
  • By investing in the Longevity Community

You should invest in the Longevity Community.  There are different ways that you can do that.  You can probably find or with friends that you have, create a self-help group something that supports you in your longevity efforts by encouraging you in your lifestyle changes by introducing you to new information in the field and so on.

There are within the Longevity Community quite a number of groups some of them relatively large.  They have conventions that you can attend. One of them is RAADfest which has an annual meeting which is attended by thousands of people to explore the possibilities of longevity to learn about the latest therapies and supplements.

You can be involved at a political level to help with the movement to get aging recognized by governments as a disease so that more of our resources can be put into that think about it this way.   We spend a huge amount of money in our societies on what is called sick care it’s normally called health care but what it really does is it treats sick people what we need to be doing is spending money to help people not get sick and to not age.

And then finally from a financial point of view you might want to consider investing in the longevity industry.  In addition to the listed stops that you can find on the internet there are a lot of startup companies that are just getting into the business of developing these therapies so what we’ve done at VivaSparkle is we have created a Syndicate called Longevity and Rejuvenation Syndicate.

What Kenneth Scott has done personally over the last several years is explored this field and identified a number of companies that he believes are going to be very successful at providing Therapies.

So what are the benefits of these kinds of Investments?

  1. First of all you might make a lot of money 
  2. Secondly you might help a lot of people
  3. Thirdly you’re going to help promote the industry by such investments in a general sense

But there’s always a risk, we really do encourage you to consider the business of investing as you look at longevity.

Start your investment program now, invest in yourself, join in the Investments financially either in the market or through our syndicate.

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