I‘m often asked, what’s my role in the Longevity Space…

What is Longevity ?

When we talk longevity we talk about living a minimum of 120 years, and here we explain why.

We seriously believe in Inmortalty

What can we do to live long enough so that we are able to be there when the opportunity and technology arrives.


The ways of investing in longevity

It’s not only about the investment. Our mission is to contribute to longevity through personal example, through involvement in the rapidly growing longevity community and through financial investment in the firms that are developing the technology to give us greatly extended lifespans


kenneth's Longevity Journey

Ken Scott 013


There are many simple steps that you can take to get started on rejuvenating your body. The body will heal and repair damage when given the right environment

  • Change your diet to a whole foods plant based diet — it will improve not only your health but will also repair some of the damage that you might have through aging
  • Exercise, not only for health but the strengthen and repair your body by strengthening bones, muscles, heart and other organs
  • Protect your skin from the sun and use OneSkin to repair damage
  • Reduce the toxins in your body and environment
  • Take some senolytics such as LifeExtension Senolytic Activator
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