Longevity, Rejuvenation

Welcome to our newly rejuvenated VivaSparkle!

In the past few years our focus has moved beyond health and nutrition to the quest for a much longer lifespan, one that is characterized by the youthful vitality that is promised through rejuvenation.

In pursuing these goals we have realized a need to rejuvenate our offerings and now focus on delivering:

  • more comprehensive information on longevity (what does it mean, what are our goals) and rejuvenation (how it is key to meaningful longevity)
  • opportunities for those who want to invest with us in achieving these promises through the biotech breakthroughs that are occurring in the longevity field
  • more information on Kenneth’s activities in the longevity field — to inspire and educate

To most people longevity implies living until perhaps the 80s or 90s or even to 100+, but tied with a continual degradation of the physical and mental self. Longevity, as we view it, implies extending life at least that far but perhaps even much further. Tied to that increased lifespan is a need to rejuvenate the body to stabilize it at or rejuvenate it to a younger physical age. Indeed some proof of concept scientific work of the past few years offers the prospect of immortality. We will explain and explore these concepts on our rejuvenated VivaSparkle!

During the past few years as we have been exploring and learning about the longevity space of biotechnology. We continually come across start up firms that are leading the way to providing the longevity and rejuvenation we all seek. We have invested in a number of these companies and continue to do so. We are now able to offer the opportunity for accredited investors to join us in such investments through our Human Longevity and Rejuvenation Syndicate which provides capital at early stages to promote. If you are an accredited investor and wish to join us please contact us using the contact button below.

Kenneth is very active in promoting longevity concepts through a variety of activities. Here is a partial list of his Q1 2022 involvement:

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