Kenneth Scott was appointed as Advisor for LentoBio

Lento Bio, an early-stage pharmaceutical research company specializing in small molecule drugs for age-related diseases, has made significant strides in its development through two major announcements. Firstly, they have established an official scientific collaboration with Florida State University, focusing on medicinal chemistry and rational asset development. Led by Dr. James Frederich, a renowned expert in synthetic organic chemistry, this collaboration aims to optimize Lento Bio’s lead compounds and expand their pipeline. Secondly, Lento Bio has expanded its advisory board, adding three distinguished members, including Kenneth Scott. As a seed investor in biotech companies addressing age-related infirmities, Kenneth brings invaluable expertise in rejuvenation and longevity. His funding and support for cutting-edge biotechnologies in senolytics, exosomes, and peptides, combined with his diverse career pursuits, make him a valuable asset in Lento Bio’s pursuit to advance treatments for age-associated diseases. With Kenneth’s involvement, Lento Bio is poised for success in their quest to combat the scourge of aging and improve the lives of countless individuals.

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