Green Pans

From time to time we encounter products that really make cooking easier for someone on a whole foods plant based diet.

One of the challenges is how to fry things without using oil. Yes, I know, virgin olive oil is supposed to be good for you. But, you might want to hear what Dr. Esselstyn says . . . NO OIL

We do consume a bit of oil in our diets, but anything to reduce that consumption is helpful so we were really pleased to encounter the “Green Pan” line of pots and pans and frying pans. These are really incredible. Nothing sticks to them. They are ceramic coated surfaces developed using nono-technology techniques. They do not exude PTFEs the way teflon does. Nothing sticks to them. If you happen to burn or sear something you can usually wipe it off with a paper towel. You can saute mushrooms without oil (I usually put a tablespoon of water in to start). You have to use these to realize just how great they are.

We bought our set at Target, but you might find other combinations and prices more suitable to your needs.

These help immensely in achieving NO OIL

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