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This is an unabashed Plug for Plant Stock (disclosure: we get no reward if you attend, other than knowing we have helped someone)

For the past 6 years, about the third weekend in August, an event called “Plant Stock” is held at the Esselstyn farm in Claverack, New York. This year it is being held on 20-21 August. The farm is about a 30 minute drive south from Albany in the Hudson valley.

The Plant Stock events, usually attended by several hundred people, provide an incredible opportunity to hear and meet some of the leading writers, speakers and researchers in the field of nutrition and health. I attended the second and fourth events and this year will attend again with Christine – her first time.

This year’s speakers include:

Many other interesting speakers will discuss various aspects of a whole foods plant based diet (WFPBD), including motivation, food preparation and developments in nutrition.


With Dr. Esselstyn at Plant Stock 2012

The venue is incomparable. The grounds of the farm and the ambiance of the place create a restful, friendly atmosphere in which to absorb the impact of all the knowledge provided about food, health and how to cook and thrive on a WFPBD. All meals for the two day event are included in the attendance fee – including a special evening meal on the Saturday evening. And you don’t have to worry about the food — it is all whole foods, plant based! I have found just the dining experience to be helpful in suggesting menus for home.

If you are new to the WFPBD Plant Stock will give you a huge boost in motivation and the skills to succeed in your new approach to a healthy lifestyle and body.

I strongly recommend attending PLANT STOCK. Follow the link to see photographs of the venue, details of the event and to register. We hope to see you there.



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