Phytoceramides for the Skin

One of the things I want to do this year is improve my skin — to make it softer, to get rid of wrinkles and ‘age’ spots.

I came across a Dr. Oz video on phtyoceramides (phyto == plant) which suggested they might help. They are in pill form so that has the potential to address all of the skin on the body, unlike creams that are only going to impact the area treated — I don’t see myself putting lotion all over my body!
So I am trying them. Apparently one will only see results after about 4 weeks, but I seem to feel my skin is softer already? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I thought I should mention it. I am taking Revive which you can see some reviews on and/or buy at the Amazon link. It is a gluten free version — something that is important to me. The cost is about $.80 a day — a real bargain if it works!

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