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Using Exosomes to Treat Floxing

On Jul 24 2019 I was FLOXED! If you are lucky, you have not been Floxed. I was not lucky. In this blog I relate my horrible experience with being floxed and how recent exosome treatments have completely turned my life around! This blog also contains some general information on Floxing. What Happened? I had …

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Sinus Headache Treatment

Next time you have a sinus headache try the following simple treatment: soak your hands or feet in hot water for several minutes. My husband was suffering from a sinus headache the other day so I suggested he try this out.  He was delighted to find that soon after starting to soak his hands in hot water he …

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Simple Treatment For a Cough

My husband recently had a cough which although not serious, seemed to persist. We don’t like to take medicine when we can avoid it, and have been gradually learning more about Ayurveda.  I thought there must be some natural cough remedies used in Ayurvedic medicine, so decided to investigate. I found the following remedies which almost …

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Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is essential for good health. If you are on a plant based diet you should seriously consider taking a vitamin B-12 supplement. You may not be getting enough of this important vitamin through diet alone. Vitamin B-12 can be taken orally as a pill that you swallow, or sublingually as a pill that …

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Super Immunity – a must read

Over the past week I finally found enough time to read Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrman M.D. I was delighted at how much valuable information the book provides in a very easy to read presentation. I know I shall be revisiting this book regularly as I work on incorporating more of Dr. Fuhrman’s ideas and …

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Memorial Day 2014 Recipe

I have  just posted a new recipe for Vegan Shish Kabobs. Great for celebrating memorial day with others around the grill.      

Dr Fuhrman – Talks about nutrition (video)

This video had exciting information.  I hope you will take the time to watch it.It provides an introduction to a diet which you should seriously consider for good health.  Watch it and learn more about how you, or someone you love, can improve your/their health through nutrition.

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