Breakfast with Jose Cordeiro

On 4 May 2019, Christine and I spent an exciting hour with Dr. Jose Cordeiro author of “La Muerte de la Muerte” and candidate for the European Parliament. While currently living in Spain, Jose is in many ways a citizen of the world continually traveling as he pursues the many areas in which he is active. He is an exciting futurist with fascinating view of the opportunities that are evolving for mankind. During the short time we spent with Jose we talked about a number of the interests that he has:

  • Food. We met for breakfast at a hotel. That is always a difficult situation for us, food-wise, as we follow a whole foods plant based diet. However, with Jose this was not a problem. He does intermittent fasting from Friday noon until Monday noon, it was Saturday morning, and so we had coffee. It is interesting to see how many people in the longevity community do some kind of fasting as well as being very careful what they eat. They all are virtually all healthy and youthful in appearance and actions
  • The situation in Venezuela. Jose is from Venezuela though now living in Spain. We share a common concern for the plight of the people of Venezuela and the state of the country under the Maduro regime. We talked about the Monroe Doctrine and the need, unfortunately, for U.S. action particularly when faced by the reality of major Cuban and growing Russian support of the Maduro regime. Jose had spent the previous two days in Miami meeting with the Latino community working on their efforts to help Venezuelans
  • The European Parliament elections coming up on 26 May. Jose is running to be a Member of the European Parliament for Spain, where he now lives. He is with the MIEL party. As he describes MIEL it is not on the left and it is not on the right — it is from the future. Jose is devoting all of his time and resources to the campaign. We have made a contribution to his campaign. Please look at some of his campaign material and if you can make a contribution to his campaign. Leaders of his caliber in the European parliament will not only benefit Europe, but the world
  • Brexit. In the context of European government Jose made some comments I had not heard before concerning the state of politics in Europe due to the Brexit situation. Jose described how the on/off status of the departure was creating paralysis in the European Parliament. We have been getting a lot of reports on the impact in Britain but had not been aware of the effect in Europe.
  • Aging is a disease. An important part of Jose’ work is his effort to get governments to recognize aging as a disease. This is part of the platform of the MIEL party. Recognition of aging as a disease will cause governments to support research into methods to reduce the tragic mortality from aging, through better health and life extension
  • Cryogenics. Jose was in Tampa to present a paper on cryogenics and government. There are interesting legal questions associated with the concept of death if a person chooses to have their body preserved through cryogenics for subsequent resuscitation. What is death in such a case? How does a person preserve their assets for use after resuscitation?
  • Population Triangle. Jose described the problem with populations in the developed world. In the past there would be many children, fewer parents and even fewer grandparents and older people. Now most developed nations (e.g. Germany and Japan) have shrinking populations as not enough children are born to even maintain population numbers. This will have major impacts on nations and economies. Coincidentally our son, Adrian, sent us at the time we were talking a link to an article describing exactly this issue.
  • La Muerte de la Muerte. Jose is co-author with David Wood of the book “La Muerte de la Muerte” (“The Death of Death”), written in Spanish, a best seller in Spain now in its second printing. The book is available in other languages but not yet in English. The Portuguese version is coming out soon.

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