Vegetarian to Vegan by Sarah Taylor

This is the perfect book for anyone on a vegetarian diet who has not yet moved to a fully vegan diet (plant based). Sarah Taylor, the author, provides compelling arguments for making the transition.  She also provides a wealth of information on how to go about the transition.

As a bonus, the book includes an extensive recipe section by Chef Mark Reinfeld. With over 20 years of experience preparing creative vegan cuisine, he shares his insights on how to approach vegan cooking. The collection of recipes are easy to make, with nice clear instructions. They often include helpful suggestions for variations.

Ken and I (Christine), who are both vegans, recently had the good fortune to meet Sarah and her husband Mark on the 2018 Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise. We were delighted when on the last night of the cruise Sarah gave us a copy of “Vegetarian to Vegan”.


Above – Left to Right: Christine and Kenneth Scott with Mark and Sarah Taylor (author) on the 2018 Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise.

It is exactly the kind of book we had been looking for to help people make this move. We often have friends tell us that they are vegetarian but have not been able to make the transition to vegan. We have already ordered a number copies of this book to give to relatives and friends.

The book is easy to read, presenting the information in laymen’s terms, rather than being overwhelming with too many technical details. (It does provide a comprehensive list of references for drilling down into the more technical details.)

We highly recommend Vegetarian to Vegan. Thank you Sarah.

Incidentally, we also highly recommend the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruises and expect to be on next year’s (2019).

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