Aging in Reverse

You don’t want to live a long time in a worn out body . . . You want to live a long time in that body that you had when you were 20!
People often ask me my age and i tell them with full seriousness that, well last year i was 2. Then I had a birthday now I’m 20. But I’ve been around the sun 79 times 🙂

You may have heard of biohacking a kind of DIY biology aimed at becoming healthier, smarter and in a growing number of cases younger. A leader in this quest to cheat death is Kenneth Scott, a longevity enthusiast who plans to live well past the next century

When i got into longevity over 50 years ago i was in my early 20s and I realized hey I like being alive this is a great place to be, I was healthy, I was young, I had optimism, I was excited about life and I said “I just want to be like this forever”

If you’re not healthy you’re not going to make it. My nutrition is a key thing you are what you eat and so i eat essentially a vegetarian vegan diet no fish no meat no dairy no added oils I do spend typically half an hour 45 minutes in the morning doing pilates type exercises or some weights
some TRX

Another example of something that we do that is not part of mainstream medicine in the United States is we take what are called the cabinson peptides they’ve been shown to have an impact on five-year mortality that is what percentage of people are surviving for five years in a particular age cohort and the people who take the kevinson peptides they have a much stronger survival rate so there’s a test going on in the United States the people in this test are typically people who are medical people but my wife and I, we’re not medical people, however we’re in the longevity space and we have a lot of credibility in that space.

We’re going to be able to take me and not only keep me alive but we’re going to make me younger we’re going to restore my organs we’re going to restore my vitality my hair color will come back all of these things are out there.
There are lots of people of a similar chronological age mostly they’re retired they’re healthy people they’re enjoying life but at the same time they’re focused on a day down the road when they can no longer do it and they’re going to die i’m not focused on that i’m focused on immortality.

Like the technological bursts that I’ve been involved in in the past I don’t think this is the last one and I’m going to be in the middle of the next one too.

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