Cholesterol and the Eyes

About twenty five years ago when I visited my opthalmologist I was told that it seemed as if I had cholesterol and should have it checked by my doctor. I was not surprised that I had high cholesterol, because a couple of months earlier I had been told that by my doctor.… Read the rest

A Christmas (vegan) Feast

One of the challenges on some of our traditional holidays, is what to eat in lieu of such traditional meat dishes as turkey, ham, lamb and beef. We solved this nicely this past Christmas with a lovely feast that took little time to eat, yet was delicious as well as nutritious.… Read the rest

Do you need meat to get protein?

Quite a number of people that I have spoken to about our diet have started it and continued it for a time. They start feeling better. So then they start to ‘work out’ — to take their improving health to the next level.… Read the rest

What is my nutritional approach?

I am often asked what the guiding principles are to my diet — and how closely do I keep them?

Basically I try to adhere to what I term a ‘modified’ Esselstyn diet. Dr. Esselstyn’s diet is simple, a feature in a diet that I consider very attractive.… Read the rest

Colin Campbell’s “WHOLE”

Colin Campbell, famed author of the bestseller “The China Study” recently wrote his follow up book, “WHOLE”, in which he argues for a holistic approach to medical research and promotes the concept and benefits of a whole foods plant based. See my book review for more details.… Read the rest

Green Pans

From time to time we encounter products that really make cooking easier for someone on a whole foods plant based diet.

One of the challenges is how to fry things without using oil. Yes, I know, virgin olive oil is supposed to be good for you.… Read the rest


Every few days a friend or acquaintance asks me about some aspect of my lifestyle, health or nutrition — or perhaps I read something I feel I should pass on.

This blog is one way of providing that information to anyone who comes to the site.… Read the rest