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Treating a disease — a decision tree

Darn! I got sick. I haven’t been sick since my viral encephalitis two years ago, but here I am again running a fever and it has been going on for a couple of weeks.

Of course, everyone asks what my doctors have given me by way of treatment.… Read the rest

OneSkin’s OS-01 Lotion Removes Aging Spots!

(revised 9 March 2021 — scroll down for latest photos)

I’ve recently had the exciting privilege of being included in a beta trial of the new OneSkin OS-01 skin lotion. Unlike most skin lotions, OS-01 incorporates a proprietary peptide which penetrates the outer layers of skin and works on removing and/or restoring senescent cells [1].… Read the rest

Curing Cancer with Broccoli and Duct Tape!

Like many who have enjoyed the sun for many decades, I have ended up with occasional spots of squamous cell cancer. Instead of minor skin surgery I developed a treatment using broccoli and duct tape . . . an inexpensive treatment I can do at home and which provides a complete cure!… Read the rest