Monthly Archives: September 2014

Horseradish Bean Salad

This is a nice variation on a bean salad that is easy to make, tasty and nourishing. I derived this recipe from a product that is offered by Farm Boy at their deli counter. This recipe has fewer ingredients and no oil to make it easier to produce and more in keeping with our no added oils approach. We also do not add salt and recommend that you either prepare your own beans or ensure that you purchase low sodium canned beans.

I serve it with salad greens and some olives and tomatoes to make a filling and nutritious meal. According to the Farm Boy recipe a cup of this salad will provide about 9 grams of protein and about 150 calories.

Open Face Cucumber Sandwiches

My grandmother would often serve cucumber sandwiches to the ladies when they came over for tea — with the full silver tea service and the most treasured collection of china cups — grandma liked to show off her┬ávaried collection. The cucumber sandwiches were considered particularly dainty and they always had the crusts cut off.

My variation is much more vegan (none of the store bought white bread or the butter and I do not peel the cucumber), but it does bring back memories of grandma and her teas, perhaps with all the ladies in their finest summer dresses and hats if the tea was being held outside.